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A campaign of gratitude brought to you by
JNESO—the voice of healthcare professionals.

Southern Regional High School Select Choir "Thank You" to Nurses

Southern Regional High School Select Choir created this video in recognition of Nurses Week.

Nursing has always been one of the most trusted professions, but since the COVID-19 Pandemic nurses and health care professionals have become “Heroes.” 

“Despite the long shifts, staffing shortages, lack of critical equipment and protective gear (PPE) nurses and techs continue to do their part 24/7 in this battle against COVID-19 and to provide the best care possible for their patients,” said Elfrieda Johnson, President of JNESO District Council 1, a professional health care union representing some 5,000 nurses and techs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Help us honor and recognize these amazing nurses and health care heroes by participating in our ‘Thank Your Nurse’ campaign May 6-12 during Nurses Week.  Post a story or comment about a nurse that positively impacted your life or to just give a general shout-out to nurses everywhere to say “thank you.” 

Here are just a few of JNESO’s amazing nurses, take a minute and read their stories, find out why they chose nursing as a career, and how they have impacted the lives of others with their compassion and care.

Click here to read the Nurses Week 2020 Press Release.

Dawn Kulach headshot

Dawn Kulach
Medical-Surgical Nurse

“I do believe it is a calling from the heart — something you truly want to do for other people. Nursing is rewarding and a life-long learning process. Being a nurse doesn’t end at work, it is brought home and continues into your everyday life.”

Pam Tavarone

Pam Tavarone
Intensive Care Unit Nurse

“I love what I do. There are connections you make with certain patients, and they will say something to you that makes you realize that you made a real difference to them. You feel like WOW, this is where I am supposed to be, I needed to be there for that person right now.”

Mona Hartle

Mona Hartle
Gastroenterology Nurse

“I am a firm believe that nurses are born, we are not made. Nursing is my calling, my passion, it is not a switch that I can shut off — it is who I am 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is all about the patients, being able to put a smile on their face and make them feel better.”

Jennie Lutze

Jennie Lutze
Visiting Home Care Nurse

“I like home care because of the variety of people I get to help. You really get to know them and all about their lives. Some don’t even have family and you are the only friendly face they see. It’s all about that human connection.”

lynne Cross

Lynne Cross 
Long-Term Care Nurse

“I love taking care of people. It is so important to give them that extra touch of kindness by spending time with them, talking with them and providing the comfort they need. Making their life a little better just by being there.”

Help us say “Thank You” by posting a message on our Facebook page during Nurses Week May 6 – 12.